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Why Should You Attend College Classes?

College is not a very enjoyable period for many students around the world, especially because of 8 am classes that require you to wake up even earlier. The urge to skip and just stay in is strong on some days.

So here are some tips to ensure that you get to class every day. You can list down the reasons mentioned below and check them off one by one each week as this would make the process rather interesting and you would have a purpose for going to class.


Remember those kids who were running around the campus during the last semester exams searching for important notes and assignments to help them study? Yes, make sure that you are not one of those and attend your classes regularly. Daily note-taking and presence in class even when you are not mentally attentive can help you during exam season as you would have covered the entire syllabus in class at least once.


Most colleges are expensive, and your parents or student loan organisations are paying hefty amounts for each class. Therefore, ensure that you are not wasting the money and go to class every day to benefit from the luxury.

You are also working part-time jobs to make financial ends meet, so why waste the opportunity to just go and learn. Remember that you can always sleep after class so it is better to just attend it for the money you have paid.

Important for Exams

You never know what your professor is going to teach in class, and they might students mark a topic that is important for midterms or finals. So if you are not there, you would not be able to get the necessary tips. Being present in the class proves to be beneficial because your mind retains some information from the lecture that might help you in the exams.


College courses are not easy and sometimes if you are failing the class you can ask your professor for extra credit so your GPA fulfils the requirements for the scholarship. It is easier to get the credit if your professor knows you by face or name. Also, going to class means that you have a good relationship with the Teaching Assistant and they might be able to put in a good word for you with the professors. Teachers also usually have connections in various companies so you can ask them for career advice and job help.

Asking Questions

When you start studying for the exams, you realise that there are a lot of things that you do not understand. Online resources like write my essay for me and lectures can only help you so much and therefore, it is important to be actively present during the lecture.

Class participation usually constitutes some of your grades and you also get to know your professors through this practice. Understanding the techniques of the instructor is also necessary as it helps you prepare for the assignments and exams accordingly.

Making Friends

No matter how unwilling you are to go to class, there would always be people who would be in the same boat as you. So make friends and can serve as each other’s motivation to show up in sweat pants to the class. Even if you don’t feel like attending the lecture just talk to them about the busy weekend or sleep deprivation, so if not anything else, your attendance would be marked.


You enrolled in college for a reason, right? Yes, you are now closer to getting the dream job but for that, you need to go to the class. With so much competition in the market, you would not be able to get the job based on your degree alone so learn the necessary skills required for your work through class participation. Also, you need a good GPA to earn your degree and that is only possible if you go to class and work for it.


Some colleges deny you the right to sit in examinations if you do not have the required attendance. It is not like high school, but still, if they think your lack of attendance is the main reason for your low GPA, they might withdraw aid or suspend your student loan. So you have to weigh the odds and reassess what’s more important- extra sleep or your degree?


You have to realise that going to college is a privilege and you have worked hard to reach your dream school. College may not be a fun experience but you are fortunate enough to attend one so make the most out of it. Unlike the popular opinion, the routine is not as care-free as many people think but the experience you get here will stay with you for the rest of your life. Many people miss college life once they get into the job sector so have fun while you’re still witnessing it.

Your money and time are important. Yes, do have fun during college and party a little bit when it is time to go to class, grab a cup of coffee and move towards the lecture hall!

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