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Which Topics Are Considered Persuasive For Essay Writing

On their academic journey, students are often asked to prepare essay drafts on a number of different essay topics. The nature and requirements of each of these essay types vary greatly, as all of them deal with different kinds of topics, titles and subject matter. The way students perform on these essay projects, after consideration of all the essential elements, gives their teachers and supervisors an idea of which grade they are worthy of. This means that a lot is at stake and that students have to carefully maneuver through these projects if they wish to secure a good grade for themselves.

A type of essay writing project which students are often asked to prepare is that of a persuasive essay. A persuasive essay can be quite a tricky one for students to write. There are many different components which have to be dealt with, such as writing a clear and defined thesis statement, starting with a strong introduction and conclusion, having a clearly organised structure, and most importantly, forming a well-developed argument with strong and irrefutable evident support. All of these factors combined contribute to the success of your persuasive essay.

However, all these elements come later. The first thing to be determined is the topic itself. Sometimes the teachers may take it upon themselves to assign a topic, while at other times, students may be given a free hand to decide it for themselves. And sometimes too much freedom to experiment can cause them to arrive at a roadblock, where they are unable to decide which topic is suitable for such a writing project. As a result, they find themselves unable to come up with interesting persuasive essay topics or titles.

If you have a hard time deciding which topic to work with for your persuasive essay project, it would be a good idea to give the pointers below a good read.


  1. Current social issues

In the world that we live in today, there always seems to be some social issue or the other which is constantly happening around us. Whether related to matters of race, sexuality, sectarian differences, etc. there is always something that is up for debate. And being humans, it is natural for us to be inclined in some direction on any given social issue, whether for, against or even on neutral grounds. So, when students are assigned with the task to decide which topic to write on, they can explore some of these issues and come up with interesting topics by themselves. Then, depending on their inclinations, they can take the side of for or against by providing strong evident material.


  1. Religion, morality and ethics

If there is one matter which is constantly under scrutiny and always one to be debated about it is that of religion and morality. With a rise in atheism, agnosticism and an increase in people who aren’t particularly inclined towards believing in god or religion, there has been much for people to talk and debate about. Although it can be quite a tricky one to handle, students should at least challenge themselves and try their hand at topics that deal with religion and morality in the present age.


  1. Environmental concerns

Another popular category of topics for persuasive essays is related to the environment. It is no hidden fact that phenomenon like global warming and climate change are currently underway at unprecedented speeds. To make matters easy for themselves, students can decide to work on topics related to environment and environmental changes. What’s more, there is a lot of factual data, figures and statistics also available on such topics which they can easily find and supplement their essay with to make it more convincing and persuasive.


  1. Write about matters which concern you

In order to decide on a workable topic, it’s not necessary that one has to look elsewhere to find the right one. Sometimes, there may be many issues bothering us which can make for great persuasive essay topics. Students can even choose to write about topics which concern them. For example, many students are against the idea of wearing school uniforms while school administrations are adamant about following this policy. In their persuasive essay, students can take up this topic and hence, formulate an essay which aims to persuade the reader about why students should be allowed to wear clothes others than uniforms to their school or college.

The success of a persuasive essay largely depends on how well you are able to persuade the reader to side with your point of view or stance. And the best way to persuade a reader is by using appropriate sources and evidence. When it comes to deciding the topic, students can get some valuable guidance from the pointers given above.

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