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The Ultimate Guide for Writing a Five-Paragraph Essay

When students embark on their academic journey, they think that everything will go as smooth as their previous academic years until they are hit by the harsh reality. During this time, students are asked to submit multiple essays at a time. The immense working pressure takes a toll on them, which makes them neglect the standard writing pattern. As it turns out, university life is a hundred times harder than former educational stages.

Since the right writing format can help you create flawless five-paragraph essays in record time, the process steps are descriptively discussed below:

Choose an Interesting Topic

Generally, essay topics are assigned to students during the university years. In case you are given the liberty to choose a topic for your essay, you must pick something that equally interests you and your audience. Thus, you must study your audience so that you can finalise a writing topic for yourself.

Get Your Queries Resolved

After coming up with an essay topic, you should discuss it with your professor. If he approves the topic, you must ask other important questions associated with this exercise, such as the word count limit. It is recommended to note the feedback provided by your professor on a paper so that you can revisit these instructions from time to time.

Create a Rough Writing Plot

Once all your writing queries are resolved, start brainstorming writing ideas for your essay. For this purpose, you should list all potential pointers on a paper. Next, you must jot connections between these ideas to avoid repetition of a similar concept over and over again.

After curtailing the list, you should use the branch-tree technique to derive further ideas from the primary listed ones. Simply, connect small details with the main pointer on the list which can help elaborate on the topic at length. This draft can help find an initiation point for the research process.

Conduct an In-Depth Research

You must conduct in-depth research for the pointers on the list. Doing so assists you to pick a particular research direction and, hence, a certain writing angle. In this connection, you can use the books available at your university library for information. In case you do not have time to complete this extensive exercise, you can use Google Scholar for research purposes as an alternative. This search engine provides quick access to credible and authentic information, which helps save time.

Make a Writing Outline

You may have collected a bulk of information during the research process. Since all such information cannot be accommodated in the assigned word count limit, you must shortlist only the most relevant data for the writing purposes.

Once the relevant data is shortlisted, you should organise this information in an outline. Generally, there are three writing sections in an essay: introduction, main body, and conclusion. In a five-paragraph essay, the essay content is distributed among these sections in the following manner:

  • One paragraph for the introduction (10% of the total word count).
  • Three paragraphs for the essay’s main body (80% of the total word count).
  • One paragraph for the conclusion (10% of the total word count).

Introduce Your Topic

The essay must hook readers from the very start. To accomplish this objective, your opening sentence should contain an attention grabber- an anecdote, an intriguing fact, or an interesting statistical figure. This hooking element should be selected according to your audience’s interest so that it can effectively capture the audience’s attention.

Next, you should link the attention grabber with your essay’s main topic. Also, you must provide some pretext information about the topic with the main thesis statement in the introductory paragraph.

Maintain the Information Flow

The essay’s main body is installed to highlight the significance of the main thesis statement in detail. Thus, authentic facts and figures are discussed in this section. To elaborate on these details, three lengthy paragraphs must be written for this section.

It is important to maintain the information flow to promote the audience’s better understanding. Therefore, you must first introduce the simplest concept and then proceed towards the complex ones.

Sum the Main Crux

The concluding paragraph should nip the detail in the bud. This paragraph should contain a few sentences that can help the audience understand the main crux of the essay. Also, you should avoid including any additional information in this section as it can divert the audience’s attention.

Polish Your Document

After completing the essay, you should proceed towards the editing and proofreading processes. For this purpose, you should read the document and highlight any mistakes present. Next, you should rectify these mistakes to the best of your understanding. Also, you must filter any plagiarised content from your essay by making use of a plagiarism detecting software. This software highlights infringed text so that you can remove it from your essay’s body for good.

In case you do not have time to edit your document, you can take assistance from your friend or an essay writing service.

This is how you can complete a five-paragraph essay and that too before the stipulated deadline. So, grab your writing device and get started right away!

Good luck and happy writing!

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