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The Roadmap To Deliver A Triumphant Presentation

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If you begin a presentation by stammering and getting confused, then the audience will most likely fail to connect with you, and their attention might entirely deviate from the subject. As a result, your presentation will become irrelevant, draining all your efforts and energy. Therefore, if you do not want to lose control or witness your hard work going to waste, then you must break your presentation into small deliverables.

In this manner, you will be able to focus on every small detail and generate a profound effect out of your presentation. To help you in this regard, below-mentioned is a step-by-step guide to deliver a triumphant presentation:

Research about the Topic Subject

If you are assigned a topic for the presentation, you should spend an ample amount of time to understand the topic’s basics. For this reason, you can refer to your university’s library or use credible information material available online. Doing so is important because it allows you to gather the most relevant material for preparing slides.

In case you are given the liberty to choose a topic, you must select something which equally interests you as well as your audience.

Read Your Audience Inside Out

The objective of the presentation is to educate the audience about a particular subject. To do so adequately, it is important to deliver something which intrigues them to know more. Thus, you should read your audience inside out before preparing your presentation slides.

In this process, you must keep the following factors into account:

  • What is the age group of your target audience?
  • Does your audience has some information about the topic subject?
  • How can you make your presentation’s message more interesting and engaging?

To get answers to these questions, you should inspect your audience’s nature and level of understanding at length. To elaborate on this concept, consider how you talk to your classmates and try using the same conversational tone with your professor. Since this approach might not pan out well for you, you should do the same when it comes to delivering a presentation.

Locate Hooking Elements

After locating your audience’s interests, you must pick elements which can help you coherently deliver your presentation. For this purpose, you must prepare your slides with accurate formatting details and tools. It is recommended to use infographics so that you can avoid insertion of lengthy text passages and keep the audience hooked to your slide material with to-the-point statements.

You can use the following two presentation making rules to embellish your document with minimal possible text:

  • 6×6 Rule

    This rule implies that there should be no more than six words per line and six lines per slide.

  • 10:20:30 Rule

    This rule suggests that there should be ten slides, the duration of the presentation should be 20 minutes, and the text’s font size should be 30.

These rules provide room to incorporate graphical data and other elements to evoke the audience’s interest in the presentation slides.

Practise in Advance

It is daunting to deliver a presentation and, to appear confident, practice is the key. Thus, you should write your presentation dialogues and rehearse them to avoid fumbling at the later stages. In this connection, you can also ask your friends to attend your mock presentation.

You must ask your friends for constructive feedback so that you can improve your presentation delivery further. Also, you should encourage them to ask questions so that you can mentally prepare yourself to answer those at later stages.

If you are reluctant to face your friends, you can consider using a mirror instead. All you have to do is monitor your body language and practise your dialogues. Once you become comfortable, you can ask your friends for assistance.

Prepare for Probable Questions

During the practise sessions, your friends might point out some questions for you. Based on this preliminary input, you should put yourself into the audience’s shoes and list down the probable questions that might arise during or after your presentation.

Once you have the questions down, you should write and practise their relevant answers. Doing so will allow you to provide prompt answers to inquired questions instead of processing them on the spot.

Concoct Plan B

You should always have backup plans to avoid any presentation mishap. In this connection, you should print your slides and make multiple copies, so that you can hand them to your audience in case the projector or your USB device experiences a glitch. Also, you should have manual copies of all important appendices so that you can defend your stance through those documents promptly and effectively.

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