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The 4 Different Types Of Essays You Should Know

When you decide to step out for a pizza or just go up to the nearest shop to get a sandwich, you know exactly what kind you are planning on buying. Even when you are not sure just what it is that you feel like eating, you know which type of pizza or sandwich is your favourite and which one you are hoping to buy. Sure, there are times when you decide to expand your horizons a little, but if it is cold beef cuts that you prefer in your sandwich or extra, extra cheese on your pizza, you eventually gravitate around to your original choices.

Writing essays is not really all that different to choosing your favourite meal. Given a choice of writing any type of essay that you like, the smartest of students will have a pre-decided favourite and they will, mostly decide to stick to it. This is especially true when, sitting in an exam room, most students will usually stick to just one kind of essay: the one they can best execute.

Understanding Essays For Better Essay Writing

Becoming one of the top five or ten students in your class is not just about being able to learn the subject best, it also means that during exam time, a stressful enough situation as it is, you are able to function effectively. That means being able to think on your feet, figuratively speaking. The following tips should certainly prove helpful here:

  • Narrative Essays

Narrative essays tell a story, usually about an experience that the writer may have had in real life. The words used in this style of writing need to be very vivid. They should also, preferably, be in first person as this allows the reader to feel more connected to the story itself. This particular genre of essay writing demands that the writer really use their creativity to the fullest and make the story really exciting and fun to read!

  • Descriptive Essays

The name is self-explanatory. Whether it is a scene that the writer is talking about, or a person or an event, this particular essay type requires the writer to include a lot of details to ensure that the reader has a good picture of just what was happening here.

  • Expository Essays

Essays that are very pithy, including facts, figures and plenty of examples are referred to as expository essays. The writer introduces the topic and then proceeds to give a lot of, to-the-point information regarding the same.

  • Persuasive Essays

Persuasive essays take the idea of expository essays a step further by ensuring that the writer tries to present facts and figures regarding a topic that will allow readers to see their point of view and be convinced by it.

Knowing essay types is not enough though. You need to get out of your comfort zone and practice writing each type of essay to discover your personal forte. Obviously, that takes time. Free up some time by letting us at Custom Essays Writer help complete your work while you practise essay writing.

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