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Steps To Make Your Essay Appealing In the Eyes of Your Reader

Essay writing itself is a complicated job, let alone infusing creativity and appealing content for the readers. Thus if you are facing any troubles in this regard, then make use of the following steps to churn out qualitative writing for your audience:

Add A Catchy Spin To The Title

If you are assigned an essay, you still have the liberty to trim and reshape the title. Make it into something which can potentially capture your audience’s attention. One glance should urge them to read your essay and find out more about the hinted topic subject. Thus, you should keep the audience’s nature into account so that you can come up with the essay’s title accordingly.

Break it Into Segments

The essay completion process comprises of researching, writing, editing, and proofreading procedures which hold equal importance, and you cannot neglect any one of them. Thus, to complete each one of them impeccably, you should break the process into smaller tasks. For this purpose, you can plot a Gantt chart which displays the available time and the comparable performance required. (Read: How to Structure an essay)

Research, Research, and Research

To establish your essay writing on substantial grounds, you should conduct in-depth research. Look out for factual details, conduct polls or surveys, and decode your professor’s expectations so that you can proceed accordingly. Thus, leave no stone unturned to amass relevant data through the mediums of campus’ library or online search engines. Also, if you have any confusion regarding the essay writing guidelines provided by your professor, get them resolved at your earliest.

Get a Route Map

To pen down strong coherent sentences, you should have a writing plan at your end. For this purpose, write your essay’s objective on a page and allow yourself to brainstorm and list relevant ideas under the title. Use these primary ideas to derive secondary ones and jot connections between them to avoid repetition of a similar idea over and over again. Sift the enlisted items to come up with an outline about a regulated flow of information.

Mesmerise Your Audience

Intriguingly, the audience is more inclined towards reading an essay that can keep feeding their curiosity and interests. Therefore, you should install this factor in your writing by incorporating an attention grabber in the opening sentence of the essay’s introduction. This hooking element can either be a burning question, a general query, a joke, a significant statistical figure or an anecdote. You should choose any one of these attention grabbers according to your audience’s nature so that it can deliver the anticipated effect.

Keep Readers Hooked

You need to maintain the flow of information in the essay’s main body; however, you are also required to live up to the audience’s expectations. Generally, a reader decides to read further from the introductory paragraph because he finds the information in line with his area of interests. Therefore, you have to keep the enthralling feature of the writing alive to keep your reader committed to the process of reading.

As a tip, you should consider discussing the most straightforward concepts first for your audience’s better understanding. Once they are perfectly elaborated, you can proceed further to introduce the complex ones. Thus, there can be multiple paragraphs in the main body of the essay.

Induce a Powerful Finish

You not only have to start your essay on substantial grounds but also have to conclude it on a concrete basis. To do so, you should keep the concluding paragraph as brief as possible, limit it to a point or two and revisit all the significant findings or results discussed in the essay. However, do not include any additional details in this section as they may divert readers’ attention from the main objective of the essay.

Revise and Correct the Mistakes

It is liable that some mistakes may have unintentionally slipped in your essay’s content, which is why you should never submit your essay before passing it through the stages of editing and proofreading. In this connection, read your essay’s content aloud and slowly to identify and rectify any mistakes present. Replace all weak-structured sentences with the better ones, use enriched vocabulary, eliminate any grammatical errors, and look out for typographical mistakes to enhance the qualitative feature of your writing.

Maintain the Originality

To get inspiration, motivation or writing ideas, you may have read numerous documents for your assistance. Unintentionally, you may have induced plagiarised content in writing, and you should remove it from your essay on an immediate basis. For this purpose, you should run your essay’s content on a plagiarism detecting software to filter infringed text from the essay’s body; this is how you can make your essay appealing in the eyes of your reader and that too easily and effectively.

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