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Selling Your Personal Essay – Guide for Beginners.

Writing is an extremely daunting task which only a few have mastered. It is a skill which you have the aptitude for, or you don’t. However, it is an essential part of the world of academics and students are required to at least be average in it. The profession itself is underpaid. No one in the authorised offices – determining the salary scale – really understands how difficult it is to put pen on paper and articulate thoughts and ideas.

It is easier to communicate vocally then on paper as you can’t show emotions on the paper. This makes the writing task extremely hard. However, students are required to develop good writing skills during their academic journey, as it is an important part of their curriculum.

When they apply to different colleges, the most important part of their application is the personal essay which they must write and submit. This is the time when they have to show the best of their abilities and conclude a brilliantly executed and impactful essay. This will determine their faith in the particular university and eventually life. It is observed that students are immediately intimidated by the thought of writing as they find the entire process too lengthy and taxing.

However, fortunately, with the rapid advancement in technology, students have found alternate ways to get the essay written. They either purchase an already written essay from online writing services, or they hire an online essay writer to come up with more personalised content. This can be quite expensive which is why most students prefer to write personal essays on their own. To educate and help out that specific section of the readers, below are some tips and techniques which can enable students to produce high-quality content.

Be thoughtful: It is essential for students to realise that an essay is not a make or break situation for them. Yes, it is an important tool that tends to reveal your personality traits and abilities to the college admission faculty, but other variables come into play as well. Thus, you don’t need to become too fearful of this responsibility. Be in control of your emotions and cognition. Don’t do anything out of fear as that can be explicit pretty evidently in your paper. You have to stay focused and keep your eyes on the prize.

Be personal: This particular aspect is quite understandable. While writing the personal essay, people become anxious and feel that they’re revealing too much about themselves. To be honest, it can be therapeutic and overwhelming. However, you have to ensure that you are honest and speaking straight from the heart. The faculty members don’t expect you to repeat all your accomplishments and capabilities in the essay. Instead, they want to know about you and what you value the most. Talk about the person who impacted your life and changed your perspective. Who left a footprint in your life? Speak about your hardships and how you came out of it. Be inspirational and thought-provoking. Make sure that you’re not just incorporating negative details about your life, but you have to keep it positive at the end.

Be creative: Usually, people think that personal essays are emotional and tear-jerking. This is a wrong concept. You should try and be creative in your ways. Be funny and crack sensible jokes. At the end of the day, you have to leave an impact to be unforgettable. The purpose should always be to say the things that are memorable. The college will receive thousands of applications, and you need to ensure that your application and essay stand out in the crowd for its originality and uniqueness. Don’t go by the rules set by others. Make your own rules and pave your path, as that is the only way you can succeed.

Proofread and edit: This is the final step of your essay writing task. You have to make sure that there are no careless mistakes or grammatical errors. If your ideas and content are good but contain too many mistakes, the reader might get distracted and find you irresponsible. Therefore, always be vigilant and read your final document at least twice before submitting. For best results, ask your parents or supervisor to proofread it for you.


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