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Quick Tips And Techniques To Write Effectively

Writing is a tough nut to crack, as it requires intricate knowledge and critical thinking. Thus, the students who lack sufficient understanding and knowledge to write an essay or research paper, prefer to seek advice from teachers and experts on the internet. Hence, if you are also looking for some tips to assist you in your writing process, then below are some to help you write effectively.

  • Read and evaluate the topic:

    It is crucial to read the topic at least twice to identify any hidden instructions and information. The first time you read the topic, you might be nervous and not entirely focused. This is why you need to review it the second time so that the words make more sense to you and there are little chances of misinterpretation. Also, it will help you grasp the essence of the topic more clearly and evaluate it from various perspectives.

  • Take a stand:

    Once you’ve read and understood the topic, your take on the subject becomes vital. This is the second most important step after the comprehension of the topic as it will dictate the course of your essay. Selecting a tone and sticking to it while writing helps in strengthening the argument. Therefore, you need to make sure you have a clear opinion about it and have sufficient information to back it up.

    For instance, if you are assigned to write about the various elements of philosophy, considering the topic, the potency of subjectivity is hard to deny. Thus, while discussing the contents, you must provide a subjective take on it. What is your argument? Are you a dualist or a materialist? Do you consider science as the way of life, or do you think there is a divine significance to it? Your beliefs, values and perceptions will eventually influence how you write.

  • Focus on the argument:

    As mentioned above, the idea is to focus on the topic instead of digressing from it. The state of digression is commonly observed during verbal conversations. However, it seems immature if observed in an academic essay or any other written document. Therefore, the key is to formulate definite ideas and work your way through them without getting distracted by irrelevant concepts and ideologies. For your assistance, you can consider creating a draft or a tree diagram to eradicate all confusion beforehand.

  • Do your research:

    Research determines the fate of your essay. It gives you the material to discuss and allows you to formulate your own opinions. This is where objectivity collides with subjectivity and gives a brilliant amalgamation of well-constructed theories and ideas. As you support your argument with statistics and data, your essay becomes more convincing. Therefore it is imperative to conduct thorough research using authentic resources. Failure to meet this necessity might cause your readers to question the credibility of the content.

  • Don’t plagiarise content:

    This tip is an obvious one. Don’t use the ideas or content written by other authors without giving them their well-deserved credit. Utilise in-text citations and other tools and techniques of referencing. Fresh students who are assigned to write essays on difficult and challenging themes are often compelled to cheat and copy somebody else’s work. However, no matter how hard it gets, plagiarism is not the right choice to make as you might soon get caught by the teacher.

  • Stop using complicated words:

    Contrary to popular belief, the usage of complicated words is not the ideal approach to write an essay. Usually, amateur writers are under the impression that exhibiting their advanced knowledge in English language and using elaborate terms can get them the recognition they crave. However, the real skill is in using simple vocabulary that effectively conveys the message without forcing the reader to open up their dictionaries.

  • Remember the word count:

    Word count plays a pivotal role in writing. If a teacher has given you a word count, then you must stick to it at any cost. Students often think that exceeding the word count will help them score better, but the truth is that an essay with the desired word count and exceptional quality is more likely to win. Thus, always keep in check with the word limit provided to you and do not exceed unnecessarily.

  • Follow a structure:

    The understanding of the reader can largely be affected if the contents of the essay are all over the place. Therefore, the structure of an essay plays an integral part in the process. As you begin, make sure that you design a pattern for your essay. This pattern usually comprises of an introduction, the main body, and a conclusion. All these components are of paramount significance as they enhance readability and overall quality of the content.

    Furthermore, the introduction makes it easier for the reader to understand the purpose of the essay by reading a premise at the beginning. A well-written introduction helps the reader decide whether they want to continue reading or not.

  • Incorporate concrete information:

    The information you incorporate in the content should be authentic and must hold relevance to the context. Thus, you must learn to master the art of using vivid descriptions and creative words. The brilliance of a writer lies in how well they can describe a piece of information even if they write it for the hundredth time. Therefore, make sure that the inculcated information holds enough prominence and value so that it can be added to the essay.

  • Learn and apply technical knowledge:

    If you’re an avid reader, then the chances are that you can write well. However, the only area where you might be lacking is the ability to use the technical knowledge you already know and express it into words. Therefore, when you read the work written by other authors, ensure that you analyse it and learn the technicalities of it. Observe their writing styles and choice of words and incorporate them while you practice writing.

  • Proofread and edit:

    The last and most important step in writing is proofreading and editing. Every great writer emphasises on this final step because it helps ensure that all mistakes and grammatical errors are removed completely.

  • Attain professional help:

    If you still find yourself struggling to write, then there’s always an option of availing academic help from essay writing services available online. Most of these writing forums are customer-oriented and highly reputable. They also offer various discounts throughout the year so you can ask them for help without having to pay a large sum of money.

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