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Online Citing Sources for Reference Generator

In this day and age, where technology has completely permeated our lives, it only makes sense for it to make inroads into our academic structure. With no time for manually referencing each given piece of information, we as a generation and civilisation prefer to pace through our tasks.

In the academic space, writing entails significant significance, as it elucidates the comprehension capacity of a student. It showcases their ability to think creatively, it explicates their capacity to view matters in isolated wholes, and it portrays their ability to weave ingeniousness and delicacy into each facet of their writing. However, to portray such finesse and such tactfulness in their writing, students need to employ the use of evidence, rich sources and credible information to push their perspectives and vantage points to the forefront.

These sources of information are pieces of data that are acquired from other scholars, other thinkers, and other authors, as we all contribute to the pool of knowledge that accumulates around us. However, if this information available at our disposal is used unethically, which is using it without giving credit where it’s due, students lead themselves onto the pathway of plagiarism.

Plagiarism is the act of stealing the ideas, perspectives, and thoughts of another author, and this singular act could lead students into unfavourable circumstances, as this is act is considered an abomination by academic institutions.

Hence, when you are grappling with the task of citing your assigned task. Then, rather than worrying and taxing yourself regarding trivial matters, take the decisive decision of making use of an academic writing service, as such services are competent and experienced enough to fulfill your ‘can you cite this for me as I have to meet a short deadline?’ need, due to the years of experience they have exposed themselves to.

Follow through to understand how to use reference generators, as these tools are necessary for students looking to pave their pathway to success.


Cite This For Me

This website is an open-access citation generator, as it automatically turns sources into citations. Turning a time-consuming hassle into a feasible task, the website enables students to compile their references in a systematic and organised manner. Their citation machine pulls together and accesses information from the web, thereby binding together pertinent information into a fully-formatted and structured bibliography.

Citations have to be complete and accurate in order for them to wield the value they are supposed to. For this reason, this is precisely the task that this website can assist you in, as falling into the trenches or the rabbit hole that plagiarism is, is a fate that all students should avoid. Moreover, by imbuing credibility and an authoritative tonality in your writing, you infuse finesse into your narrative.


Citation Machine

This website uses smart technology to generate citations for a writer’s writing. This website, however, is slightly different, as they also provide grammatical suggestions, provide advanced suggestions for sentence structures and with a free account, writers can access assistance in citing their paper, be it the Harvard, Turabian or the MLA referencing style.



This is a free encyclopaedia, based on open-collaboration, as it is created and edited by volunteers from across the globe, due to it being a wiki. This website provides its users with a citing tool, whereby the users merely have to scroll down through the left tab in their website’s ‘tool ‘section, whereby they’ll find a tab stated ‘Cite this page’.


By clicking on the tab, users can find relevant citations for the given page in different forms of referencing styles, which thus facilitates the need for the student. For example, if you’re citing a page about the country ‘India’ for a piece of writing, then by clicking on the given tab, you’ll receive the following results:


  • APA Style

Wikipedia contributors. (2019, August 23). India. In Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia. Retrieved 11:55, August 23, 2019, from


  • Chicago Style

Wikipedia contributors, “India,” Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia, (accessed August 23, 2019).


  • MHRA Style

Wikipedia contributors, ‘India’, Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia, 23 August 2019, 11:52 UTC, <> [accessed 23 August 2019]


  • MLA Style

Wikipedia contributors. “India.” Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia. Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia, 23 Aug. 2019. Web. 23 Aug. 2019.


Microsoft Word

Word also offers writers the option to use their citation tool, whereby the writer can automatically receive generated citations in given different referencing styles. Each time a new citation is added, Word automatically adds the source, to allow it to be included in the bibliography.

Users have to click the ‘references’ tab, in the citations and bibliography section, and then have to click on the ‘style’ tab on the right-hand side, to sort through their preferred style, be APA or MLA. After that, once you’re done writing out a piece of information, then click onto ‘insert citation’ and ‘add new source’ right after, as then you’ll have to type in the citation details in the ‘create source’ box.

Overall, when it comes to choosing a reference generator, then select the one that seems most feasible, as it is essential to be at ease with the tools you use.

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