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Know The Importance Of Comma To Make Your Essay Flawless

For students, academic writing is like one of the constant factors in their lives. No matter where they turn or how they look at it, there is rarely any escaping from writing out projects that the course instructor has assigned you. However, instead of turning it into a fun task, students are often left to struggle with all of their academic writing work. What the worst part about having an incomprehensible amount of school work to do is that it must be perfect and error free for the student to gain good marks. The problem here arises with being able to use proper grammar.

Unarguably for most students the problem with writing so many assigned tasks is that they are unable to use punctuations in the right place when writing an important project. This problem particularly persists with comma (,).

Why Commas Are A Nuisance.

It is important for students to be able to use the right punctuation marks because punctuation marks can be the difference between an absurd, nonsensical sentence and one that makes perfect sense. Commas have multiple uses and it can often be difficult to use them at the right places. Commas can either make your work sound from out of space or from planet Earth. For example:

 I help blind, kids.

I help blind kids.

While in both the above sentences the same words have been used, they are both very different from each other. The first sentence means that that the writer makes kids blind (by some grotesque method), but the second sentence means that the writer helps kids who are blind (probably at some volunteer or charity work). Hence it is not only missing out commas that can be catastrophic but using them in the wrong places also.

Usually the part that makes mastering the use of commas so very difficult is that they do not serve just a single purpose. Commas have a few uses and can serve as, or are supposed to be used at a number of points in writing. They are also the most commonly used punctuation mark. Therefore, learning their uses and using them are extremely important for any student.

Where Are Commas Used?

To master the uses of commas and perfect your academic writing, one must first learn where exactly a comma is used and for what purpose. Following is a list of uses of commas and their purpose.

  • They are used to separate clauses and sub-clauses in a sentence. Commas are most commonly used to mark a separation of two or more clauses in a sentence, showing that the two clauses are related to the same sentence but are different clauses on their own.
  • They are used to separate items in a list.
  • They are used with open speech.
  • They are used when using words such as: “however” and “therefore”.

Although the uses of commas may be clear to many, it still takes time to be able to master them, and of course it is perfectly alright if it still isn’t clear to you. Contact Custom Essay Writer for more help.

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