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HR Branding – Observations From A Marketing Perspective

Employer branding is one of the most effective and helpful methods for maintaining the current clientele and for attracting new customers to your business. All the ambitious organisations have acknowledged the dynamic role of HR branding. A strong employer branding allows the organisation to stand out and to outlast all other big and small enterprises that are offering the same services. The most innovative way of branding are social media – YouTube is recently second search engine. With right and trusted social media provider, your brand could become recognizable very fast and easy.

Most of the significant researches have demonstrated that job seekers do thorough research about the firm’s reputation and status before applying. Companies with dappled and shady standing not only struggle with attracting clients but also scuffle in retaining employees. However, when most people initiate branding of their product reading a human resource management essay is the first thing that comes to mind. Instead of human resource management, several big and small enterprises prefer slick and shrewd advertising campaigns because it inherently builds a positive image of the product in the market.

However, we can say that having a strong employer brand allows your enterprise to compete by hiring expert and highly professional people, while also enables to create a strong corporate culture in the company. Many of the world’s leading organisations are focusing on developing their employer brand because of its multiple benefits.

Help Retain Employees And Recruit New Ones:

Having enthusiastic and highly engaging employees play a significant role in the growth and development of an organisation. Hiring the right person and firing an incapable resource is the most crucial decision that brand holders have to take for the progress of their company. However, a number of job seekers go through the social media profiles employees before applying to a particular organisation to take an idea of its culture and environment. Consequently, it can be said that HR branding can attract the intelligent and worthy individuals by providing a positive image and profile of the employees on social media.

Reduces Marketing Cost:

In this highly competitive and hostile world, making a phenomenal marketing plan is the most important thing for all the leading organisations because it enables them to attract customers and employees. However, having well-structured and well-thought HR branding policies will allow your company to maintain financial stability because it reduces the branding and marketing cost. If your brand is well-known and reputable then, you don’t need to spend money on recruiting high profile employees because HR branding can also play an eminent role in the marketing of the product.

Active Social Media Presence:

Technology is taking centre stage and all the public attention in all domains and businesses. The presence of a particular brand on social media can either make or break the brand image. However, having a strong and active presence on social media can play a vital role in boosting the growth of the brand. Employer branding on different social media platforms and will allow the people to see the culture, values, and employee-friendly policies which ultimately augment the brand image of your company.

Brand Advocates And Ambassadors:

Current employees of any organisation are the best word of mouth publicity that functions as advocates and ambassadors for an organisation. Asking your employees to write appraisal blog posts and articles on the company’s website enable the brand to develop a positive image in the market. Every interaction that a potential candidate has with a company via reading blogs and articles on official websites will play a significant role in shaping the perception of that individual. However, developing employer branding is not only the long-term investment, but it is also the source of getting more potential employees. Hence, every organisation should work on it for the betterment of its brand image.

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