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How to Write a Correct Introduction to an Essay

Writing is one of the most dreaded tasks among students and equally important in the world of academics. It is a skill required to write essays, assignments, dissertations, solve papers, and it eventually comes handy in the professional life as well. For the same reason, teachers put a lot of emphasis on establishing a solid ground on the basics of writing and language usage. Being a student is very challenging as you have to manage hundreds of responsibilities and duties at a time. There is less space for you to make mistakes. You can easily lose track of your wants and needs. Hence, if you ever feel too burdened by the innumerable responsibilities, then you should allow yourself a break.

If you’re a student who is finding difficulty is producing an impactful and brilliantly executed introduction of an essay then you should continue reading.

There are four different types of essays, and the difference between all of them should be understood before going any further. They are all described below.

Narrative essay: In this type of essay you have to narrate a story in a flow. Make sure that it is entertaining and doesn’t come across as forced, otherwise the reader will lose interest as well. You have to describe each detail as it comes and be specific with your choice of words. You may say one thing and mean the complete opposite that will confuse, and you don’t want that.

Descriptive essay: The descriptive essay is often confused with a narrative essay, but there’s a big difference. In the descriptive essay, you have to emphasise on the details and give minor information as well. You can make use of metaphors and phrases to make it more decorative. You have to utilise adjective and descriptive words. This will keep the reader invested in your story, and they will continue reading.

Expository essay: In this particular type of essay, you have no liberty to use metaphors and phrases. You need to keep your tone formal and precise. Be assertive and speak from evidence. You have to incorporate scientific facts and statistical figures. Investigate like a true reporter and do not incline assumptions.

Persuasive essay: In a persuasive essay, you have to emphasise on your point of view. Present it in a way that the reader gets completely invested in your story and convinced that you’re speaking the truth. Use words that are persuasive. You can’t afford to sound confused in this type of essay as that will cause readers to think that you’re not sure about what you’re saying and you don’t want that.

Now that you’ve understood the different types of essays and how their tone matters, below are some tips which can help you produce an impactful essay introduction.

Start with a question: One of the most interesting ways to begin an essay is to start with a question. Many students who seek help from the various Best Essay Writing Services UK available on the internet, try to find writers who can produce interesting and gripping introductory paragraphs for their essay. When you start with a question, you’re trying to involve the reader and keeping them invested. Human beings are curious by nature, and if they don’t know the answer, they will try to find it by continuing to read your content. This is psychology and psychology is never wrong.

Focus on the tone: It is essential that you keep your tone coherent and according to the type of essay you’re aiming for. If it has to be an expository essay, you can’t suddenly crack jokes or be sarcastic. You have to be strict and formal. Similarly, if you are going for a personal essay, then you have the liberty to be a little more humorous and have space for some informality.

Stick with the purpose: When you’re writing the introduction, don’t overwhelm the paragraph by flooding it with everything you know about the topic. Keep it precise, to the point, address the main issues you’re tackling, and the operational definitions. If you go the other way round, you will intimidate the reader and won’t give them time to adjust. Therefore, leave room and content for the main body.


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