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How To: Write A 5 Paragraph Essay

The unfolding layers of mayhem and chaos is a constant factor that academia thrives on. From a student’s perspective in this day and age, academics is drenched in a sense of derangement. Students are asked to write multiple essays overnight, which over time tends to deplete their sense of being, malnourishes their creative energy and consumes their time in a complete manner. Hence, in order to escape this shambolic state and to find a relief from this anguish-ridden sentiment, what is important is to make use of an essay writing service. As these facilities are equipped with professional, well-trained, intellectual, experienced personnel who can easily craft sheer brilliance translated onto paper. Hence, when thoughts such as ‘Who will do my essay?’ enter your headspace then the best option available at the behest of the student is to make use of such services. As they are truly foremost in tending to the academic needs of the students studying in the UK.


  • Comprehend: A common mistake that students tend to make is that they tend to jump into the process of writing as compared to first understanding the question. It is of paramount importance for the student to thoroughly understand the question and then get onto the process of writing. As writing without comprehending the question is futile.


  • Research: One of the most resolute matters regarding essay writing is that students must at all cost make it a point to carry out thorough research. They should rummage and scour through disparate sources of knowledge, which can aid in ameliorating the quality of the essay. This research should comprise qualitative and quantitative data, as richness is added to the writing with diversity.


  • Introduction: The start of your essay should encapsulate the essence of what you wish to narrate in your forthcoming paragraphs. It should comprise of a ‘hook’, whereby a statement should be placed in order to captivate the reader. In a 5 paragraph essay, is important to keep the paragraphs concise and succinct, without allowing the narrative to sound like rambling or too overwhelming. Moreover, make it a point to elucidate your point of view in a creative and constructive manner, without allowing yourself to digress.


  • Mix It Up: It is of utmost importance for the student to make sure that they integrate different sorts and patterns of arguments, they should first place a strong and impactful statement, followed by a slighter weaker one, which should be then concluded with a stronger statement. This amalgamation will allow the reader to see through the lines, and get attracted towards the stronger statements, as it will be balanced with a weaker point.


  • Paragraphs: As you progress through the paragraphs, it is essential to introduce new perspectives and ideas in every new paragraph. Nevertheless, in certain paragraphs, you can continue the narrative or give supporting complementary ideas.


  • Conclusion: The last paragraph (5th) of your essay should be the conclusion. In this paragraph you should encapsulate the whole gist of the content, it should be conclusive and definite, without any loopholes. It should be a summary, but a brief and concise one.


  • Proofreading & Editing: An essay is most likely to garner an insufficient grade or probably fail if the student in question hasn’t proofread and edited the document to perfection. As a result, it is the responsibility of the student to cleanse the paper of grammatical, spelling, punctuation errors whilst when editing they should clear all run-on sentences and improper sentence structures.


On a whole, there are several other factors which should be given due importance, as it is essential to remember to focus and concentrate on always elevating the calibre of content you write.

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