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How to Structure an Essay

The overall success of an essay is dependent on many factors. To achieve the best results and effectiveness in their essay, students and writers have to give careful consideration to each element, such as the writing style and tone used, organisation and structure of the essay. All elements have to work in a good cohesive manner to achieve the effect that is desired of such a project.

However, the one thing most crucial about an essay is its structure. The structure of a typical essay tends to follow the three-section rule; where the content body is divided into an introduction, main body and conclusion. Regardless of the type of essay and its subject matter, it is crucial for the writer to follow this rule as it allows for the essay to have better organisation and structure. A proper structure lends an essay good readability and coherence in its meaning.

Preparing an essay, regardless of all things, can be a painstaking process especially when it comes to giving it the right structure. For better guidance, students can refer to their teachers and course supervisors to learn more about how to structure an essay.

Here are the key components to follow when seeking to prepare a workable structure for your essay.

  • Prepare a mind map

An essay is able to have a better structure and organisation when students make an effort to prepare a mind map or outline before initiating the process of writing. By making a mind map, which includes a list of all the important points, students can discern which point should be included in which section of the essay. When they are clear about this, their essay ends up having clarity and a smooth transition among all points.

Moreover, it also allows them to think of all the necessary points as well as the relevant information that should be included so that during the writing process they do not end up missing out on any point. This way, their introduction, main body and conclusion paragraphs make more sense and deliver across the message which they had intended to.

The ‘Rule of Three’ Structure

  • Introduction:

An introduction is the first glimpse that a reader gets of the topic or subject matter which you are dealing with, for which reason it must be strong, attention-grabbing and impactful enough. Again, as with other components, there are certain rules which should be followed if students wish to endow their essay with a proper structure. Basic but relevant information about the topic should be provided, and your thesis statement should also be stated. It should be designed in a way to evoke curiosity and interest within the reader to make them read the entire essay.


  • Main body:

The main body paragraphs are where the main content regarding the topic is incorporated. This is where you build upon your given claim or thesis statement. This is done by providing an in-depth discussion or argument on the given topic, as well as supplemental evidential material which helps to solidify and validate your claims. In this section, it is important that the writer covers the topic from all angles, anticipating beforehand all the questions that may arise and proceeding to answer them in a manner which will eliminate any doubts or concerns in the minds of the readers.

  • Conclusion:

In the conclusive paragraphs, the writer is supposed to wrap up the essay by providing a summary of the important points discussed in the main body, as well as stating how his or her claim has been successfully proven through the above discussion or argument. It should be brief and to the point to achieve its purpose.

In all of this, it makes the most sense for the writer to do proper brainstorming and planning before beginning any work. This way, writers can stay on track with their project.

This, however, is not to say that all essay types must follow the same rules of structure. In many essay types, writers can follow a different format or structure. In scientific essays, for example, a writer may need to provide information in the form of lists and graphs, so, in this way, the writer does not have to follow the typical three-rule structure that other kinds of essay types follow.

Once a writer gets the knack of handling and devising an essay structure, they may be able to prepare their essays in a much more professional manner. In instances when students find it difficult to design the structure, they can avail the assistance of essay writing services, where writing professionals and executives can guide them accordingly. All they have to do is simply do some online searches and come across writing services that can provide them with assistance in this matter.

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