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How to Start an Essay?

“How to start an essay?” This is a very interesting question for students as throughout their academic years; they are expected to produce dozens and dozens of essays. There is no secret formula which can turn tables overnight; however, adopting some simple yet effective practices can not only help you start but also finish your essay strongly. Nevertheless, you have to push yourself harder and stick to these below-mentioned practices to do so:

Prepare yourself mentally:

You need to make up your mind. You need to tell yourself that you have it in you, and nothing can pull you back from putting the desired results on board. Pump yourself by thinking about the aftermath of producing a qualitative essay. Once you are motivated enough, go to your studying station to start the working process.

Organize your workstation:

Clutter can hamper your productivity and may urge you to produce nothing but mediocre writing results. Thus, before you move forward to lay your essay writing on concrete grounds, organize your workstation. Sort the piles of pages, put your stationery in one place, remove coffee stains and charge your digital gadgets. Remember, you cannot afford any distraction during the writing process; thus, you should have everything at your disposal before initiating your essay writing.

Create your timeline:

Once you have organised your studying station, you should get to work. Prepare a timeline for yourself so that you can solely focus on one task at a time. Calculate the number of days you have and distribute the time accordingly. Remember to be realistic in your approach so that you can truly benefit from the created timeline. To evaluate your progress, you can also consider plotting a Gantt chart.

Get rid of all your distractions:

There are numerous distractions for students to counter nowadays. These distractions disrupt the entire working flow and the students’ face a hard time restoring their working zeal. Therefore, if you do not want to be among such students, shut off all possible distractions. Turn your cell phone off, sign out from all your social media accounts, close the door, and ask your acquaintance not to disturb you. All these will enable you to focus solely on the essay writing and hence, produce nothing but qualitative writing.

Streamline your thoughts:

An essay’s topic subject may have multiple dimensions, and you may also have numerous ideas in this regard. However, you cannot accommodate all these thoughts within the assigned word count limit. Thus, you need to organize your thought process and sift the best ideas for the writing part. For this purpose, you should list all your ideas on a piece of paper and then evaluate the relevance and authenticity of each idea.

Produce an outline:

Once you have shortlisted potential ideas for your writing, you should jot connections between these ideas to induce readability aspect. You should introduce the simplest concept first, followed by a slightly complicated idea, and so on. By doing so, you will receive a rough outline to produce your essay on substantial grounds.

Research for facts:

Professors grade essays based on qualitative information which is backed by concrete evidence. Thus, you should enhance the radar of your research and get as much information as you can. On this account, you can consider visiting your campus’ library or put search engine to use. Remember to cross-check the authenticity of information sources before incorporating the said information in your essay. Also, it is recommended to maintain a journal to record the details of these information sources for future reference.

Write right:

After amassing relevant writing material for yourself, you should put all this information in a frame. Generally, there are three sections of an essay: introduction, main body, and conclusion. The introduction of an essay should be powerful enough to hook in readers’ attention from the very start of the essay. For this purpose, you should install attention grabbers such as statistical figure, an interesting fact or a burning question in your opening sentence. However, you should choose your attention grabber keeping the audience’s nature in check. Furthermore, you should also accommodate a thesis statement in the introduction section.

In the main body, you should support your thesis statement and refute opposing viewpoint by providing relevant evidence. To do so impeccably, you can employ numerous paragraphs in the main body. For the conclusion section, you should summarize the essential takeaway from the essay into a few pointers. Remember to keep your conclusion as concise as possible to keep your audience’s attention focused on the essay’s objective.

This is how you can brilliantly execute your essay and that too yourself. So, grab your writing device now and start right away! All the best and happy writing to you!

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