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How To Shoot A Perfect College Selfie?

The memories you create at university will stay with you throughout your lifetime. However, sometimes you desire to share those memories with the ones around you. While photographs can fade, the material uploaded on your social media account does not. This is both a blessing and a curse. While the evidence of having a good time will remain with you, the risk of safeguarding a terrible picture is ever-present.

Considering this, ensure that every picture you take turns out flawless. Allow yourself to capture your essence beautifully by following the ensuing guide:

  • Find your light: Light is the most crucial contributor to attain the perfect selfie. You can find your light by altering positions and viewing the tone shifts on the screen. The result which is ideal for you can be used. Essentially, natural lighting is most fitting for selfies; however, if you are using artificial lighting, ensure that the light source is broad. Broader light sources reduce shadows and subdue the texture. Furthermore, ensure that the light source is kept near to your face as it allows the light to become softer.
  • Say no to flash: Do not rely on the flash to take a perfect selfie. Using the flash makes the shadow more evident. However, the use of the flash can be limited to night times. Flash photographs should only be taken when you have limited lighting.
  • Take several pictures: Taking the perfect selfie doesn’t just occur by clicking one button. Even models have to take several shots before picking a good frame. As a result, it is essential to take several photos until you find the one you love. In doing so, make sure you shift angles, change the light and your expression. By making these adjustments, you will find what works for you and what doesn’t.
  • Play with your angles: As selfies are only limited to the face, you have to work twice as hard. You can’t post the same look with the same expression each time. This tends to bore the followers and moreover, make your page monotonous. So, practice in the mirror and work on your angles. Create shapes with your body and enhance your collar bones. If you are using makeup before capturing yourself, take the assistance of contour and highlight to make your features pop.
  • Use a timer for group selfies: At university, taking group selfies is necessary. However, rather than using a selfie stick or manually holding the phone, place the phone at a firm spot and set a timer. When you use your hand, it creates an unappealing effect and lacks congruence in the image.
  • Alternate between locations: To truly capture your university experience, try taking a selfie at different locations. Take a picture in class, capture your expressions when you seek essay help, capture your joy at the football field.

Taking the perfect picture will allow you to enhance your following and share your experiences with a vast majority of people. You can upload these images on your preferred social media platform, or print them out to attain a hardcopy.

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