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How to Cheat Age and Death?

If you are reading this right now, it either means that you have great ambitions in life or you just hate to think of the advancements the world will achieve when you would be dead.

Well, it is almost impossible to escape death, but you can try to delay it for as long as you can, and therefore dissertation writing help has hacks that can prove beneficial for your mental and physical health so, you live to complete most of your goals at least.

Develop Brain Cells

Bringing a dead brain to life is a good plot for a thriller, but now, it can be your reality. The researcher at Bioquark and Revita Life Sciences, Dr Himanshu Bansal has chaired a team that made ground-breaking discoveries of regrowing your brain cells.

With the use of laser, injection and nerve stimulations, scientists and doctors can now work together to bring your brain back to life. So, just like a lizard regrows a limb if it is hurt, the nerves and cells in your brain can also develop even if you are considered dead. The moral framework around this has yet to be finalised, but if this phenomenon enters medical science, it will certainly revolutionise life expectancy.

Stay Cold

Evidence suggests that human bodies can survive longer in colder regions like the North Pole, so if you have not yet figured out your retirement plan, you should book Antarctica. While researchers are still divided on the reasons behind this, it is evident that mussels in Spain can only survive for 29 years while the same species can live as long as 200 years in the harsh environment of Russia.

Maybe the cold weather makes it difficult for bacteria to thrive or your metabolism rate is reduced, but whatever the reason is, you should not take any chances if you want to live longer and immediately move to cold areas.

Shock Yourself

While this was a popular way of execution in the earlier times, medical science is now using shocks to match the electrical signals inside your brain so they can stimulate similar reactions. Transcranial Magnetic System helps in curing patients of head trauma, depression and dementia, and the chances are that your brain can regain its full potential after the TMS therapy. It was developed after researchers found out that not all patients have immune systems that can support medicinal drugs and so this “shocking method” was used for experiments.

Hyperbaric Chambers

Now, how many times have you seen those futuristic sets of chambers that are known to work as some anti-ageing product? Well, in the past, celebrities have been accused of using this device to alter the symptoms of their old age, but some researchers think it is valid.

Basically, when you get inside the capsule-looking setup, the oxygen inside your body is allowed to move rapidly, and with such stimulation, the red blood cells in your body become more active. They explore organs that were previously blocked, and this therapy makes you feel refreshed. So you can try this hack and cure your ageing body without any unnatural chemicals.

Genetic Modification

Now, this is controversial, but the most effective method of stopping ageing at all is working with the genes. This does not guarantee a delay in death, but you can prevent factors like grey hair, wrinkles and droopy eyes.

Professor David Sinclair of the University of New South Wales suggests that when he discovered the genes present inside the mice that cause them to age, he introduced a molecule called nicotinamide mononucleotide (NMN) which stopped the species from growing old. So if you want to see all the MCU movies made in the future, be prepared to undergo this process.


Again, this is an experiment that has proved successful in mice. A study at Stanford University and the University of California, San Francisco, revealed that when the transfusion was performed on older mice with the blood of younger mice, they started to show signs of being young.

Not only did their brains sharpen their memories, but the speed and skin also improved. Now, this process is not entirely new because sportspeople are aware of the advantages of such operations but tests, to judge the safety aspect, are required before you start drinking the blood of other humans.

Snake is Your Friend

From botox to anti-ageing cream, celebrity culture has made the obsession with looking young so prevalent that these products now cost tens of thousands of dollars. Well, what these cosmetic experts are not telling you is that snake venom can actually stop your skin from wrinkling.

We are not sure exactly how many people have died in these attempts, but it is positive that the chemicals in the venom can stop your skin from ageing. The synthetic snake product, Syn-Ake is slowly getting popular, and again, this cannot cheat death, but if you want to stop ageing, go ahead.

Death is inevitable, but science and media are joining hands to increase life expectancy. However, whether or not these methods adhere to the morals of the society is yet to be decided so until then, you can pick your favourite technique from the list or try to find the fountain of youth.

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