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Grab Your Audience’s Attention with These 7 Writing Hooks

Have you ever tried reading a piece that did not attract you? You never bothered, right? So, do you expect others to read your essay if it reflects the same humdrumness?

Certainly, you need to take up measures that can help you build your audience’s interest in your essay. For this purpose, below mentioned are seven recommendations to grab your audience’s attention:

Inquire an Intriguing Question

By nature, mankind is curious to learn answers to various queries. Thus, when you start your essay with a burning question, you instantly attract an audience who wants to know the answer to the addressed question. Since retrieving answer is only possible by reading your entire piece, the readers are compelled to stay committed to the reading process.

For instance, you can write:

“Does social media influence students’ performance in the academic sector?”

As students are always interested in improving their academic performance, this statement will grab their attention towards the essay.

Insert an Assertive Claim

This hook entails making a strong claim about the topic subject at hand. It asserts the significance of the thesis statement and binds the subsequent concepts together.

The reader might agree or disagree with your viewpoint; however, they would be inclined to learn the logic behind your claim. In this manner, you can urge your readers to continue reading your essay further.

For example, you can write:

“It is not necessary for every student to be a great essay writer

Since the academic tasks mostly revolve around writing projects, the audience would be interested to know the reason associated with such a claim.

Slip in Statistical Details

Incorporating statistical figures in your essay strengthens the quality and credibility of the document. It reflects how well-researched the upcoming contents of your essay will be and, thus, it impels the reader to keep up with the reading process. However, the produced information should be correct and properly cited.

For instance, you can insert statistical details into the essay in the following manner:

“According to the Office for National Statistics, the population in the UK increased to 66,435,600 in 2018.”

According to the nature of your topic subject, you should use a relevant citation style to cite this source mentioned above.

Embed Metaphors

If you want to infuse some vibrancy in your content, using metaphors is the right approach. Metaphors compare the subject with a word or phrase, which is not applicable.

For example, “Nelson Mandela is a shining star.”

This does not imply that Nelson is literally a star, but it shows how important Nelson’s role has been for the people around the globe.

By comparing two distinct subjects and contrasting their similar traits, you can draw your audience’s attention towards your essay.

Attract with an Anecdote

People are fond of stories. Therefore, if your essay encompasses one, the audience’s interest is automatically developed. Having said that, it is important to link your story with the main objective of the essay so that the audience can continue with their reading rhythm.

You can either insert your personal or someone else’s story in the essay. Consider the following example:

“England was a new country for me, and I had so much to learn about it. As I got off my plane, I rushed to the cab to reach the meeting on time. The driver said to me: “Put your luggage in the boot, sir.” I did not understand and paused there for a minute thinking: “Why is he referring to my shoe?” Soon, the driver opened his car’s trunk, and I realised, boot means trunk in this city.”

By using the anecdote above, you can develop the interest of your readers to learn about the difference in American and Britain English.

Describe the Scene

To weave finesse and detail in writing, experts suggest setting the scene for the readers. Although this approach is usually used in narrative essays, it can also be used for other essay forms in exceptional cases. For this purpose, the used hook should be relevant and in line with your essay’s main thesis. Consider the following example:

“Sun dawned a new day for turtle- the day to prove his worth to the arrogant rabbit. He moved his limps, stretched a little, and walked towards the rabbit’s residence to raise a wager.”

In this manner, you can spark curiosity for your audience and compel them to continue reading.

Quote a Quotation

One of the conventional ways is to start your essay with a famous quotation. This technique allows fortifying your thesis statement without any explanation. For instance, you can include the following quotation by Stephen Hawking to point at the havoc created by snooze button:

“A snooze button is a poor substitute for no alarm clock at all.”

These are the seven proven attention grabbers to hook in your audience’s attention from the very start of the essay. So, which one are you using next?

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