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Does Quantity Matters If Essay Quality Is At Its Best

In any given arena in our lives, we endeavour to pursue quality than quantity, as it isn’t important how long we’ve lived. Instead, what matters is how well have we lived. We all strive to benchmark stellar standards; we all choose a direction that steers us to our success, and we all set blocks into place to reach certain criteria we have settled for ourselves.

Students tend to usually have a misconception that is hastily rushing through their writing tasks is a better option than to immerse themselves in a task, as it rarely ever rewards them or produces the expected results. Due to the dust that settles around them, it becomes considerably tricky for students to push through and rise above their circumstances.

In the ensuing circumstances that engulf students, students start to make a habit of giving precedence to quantity over quality, as producing more gives and injects a sense of accomplishment within them.

That being said, follow through on the below-mentioned elements to comprehend the importance of quality-driven work, as it drives students to further make inroads into pursuing brilliance, which they would have otherwise relegated to the backdrop.

Word Count

If your professor hasn’t assigned a word count to you, then focus your attention in instilling articulateness, eloquence, and creativity in your paper, as rambling on for pages without initiating a meaningful conversation is rather common for students. In the academic space, it is a norm for students to chase after a particular word count, as meeting lengthy word counts such as 2000 or 3000 words is a challenge for most, as they are unable to understand what precisely to fit where.



In the hastiness and impulsivity to complete a given paper, students avoid the necessity to research their paper and instead prefer to fill their narrative with anecdotal evidence and superfluous language, which rarely ever make an impact. With the need to pursue brilliance in the thoughts you translate onto paper, students need to focus on researching each detail that is connected with their narrative, as without dissecting each detail you’re more than likely to end up with a narrative that fundamentally lacks value.



It has become somewhat common to find the work of students littered and scattered with plagiarism, as, to meet a certain word count or meet a specific benchmark of quantity, they digress from the need to pursue quality.

Quality arises from creating ideas from scratch, from understanding each key concept and formulating a perspective around it and from avoiding the hallmarks of plagiarism. For this reason, do not work towards picking out opinions of other writers without recomposing them, as that merely leads your piece of writing to be considered ‘plagiarised’. Plagiarism will allow the student to fill their writing piece with content, but will also simultaneously detach them further from securing the academic performance they have visualised for themselves.



With the pressure of having to complete an essay within a given amount of time and meet a word limit, students settle for paraphrasing their content; this is merely a recycling of thoughts, which is redundant at its very composition. Rather than doing so, try to unearth creative ideas from within your headspace, try linking different pieces of information to create a unique piece of literature and see to it that you avoid the need to paraphrase your content, as it diminishes its quality.


Why Quality Is Important

While there are several pathways that a student can follow to include quality into their writing at every stage, it is also crucial for students to understand the significance of pursuing excellence and quality.

The quality you transfer onto paper is representative of your intellectual capacity. It displays your prowess to put matters into a cohesive whole, showcases your ability to analyse matters with a critical lens, and depicts your ability to understand intricate pieces of information. Once students make quality a norm within their writing, their performance is likely to never falter.

Academic Writing Services

In specific scenarios, it becomes difficult for students to patch words together, as they lack the time, the energy or the sensibility to wrap different subject matters around their headspace. Be that as it may, students can acquire a shoulder of sustenance and support from these facilities, as their writers write with meticulous precision and finesse.

These writers have laboured and practised their craft extensively, which thus enables them to produce precisely what the student envisions or demands. Owing to this reason, students won’t ever experience dissatisfaction, as each idea is embedded in novelty and these services consistently look for methods to improve their craft.

Overall, when it comes to an understanding of whether quality supersedes quantity. Then, students should understand that craftsmanship, a refined skill set and expertise are at the forefront of driving excellence, as opposed to skills that are practised at recycling ideas.

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