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Top Jobs for Economics Majors

There is a long withstanding joke about economists that they are too smart for their good, but not smart enough for people. This assumption largely stems from the discomfort that many people have with the subject. They say that it is too dry and conceptual. Due to its complexity, the course has a divided house. […]

How to Cheat Age and Death?

If you are reading this right now, it either means that you have great ambitions in life or you just hate to think of the advancements the world will achieve when you would be dead. Well, it is almost impossible to escape death, but you can try to delay it for as long as you […]

6 Tech Predictions For the Future

Remember when the telephone was just a concept device in George Orwell’s 1984 and the World Wide Web was described as “consensual hallucination” in William Gibson’s Neuromancer? Yeah well, both of those concepts are still relevant but the technological development in the last three decades has been impeccable, and inventions which were once considered breakthroughs […]

Is It Necessary To Mention References In Your Essay?

When writing out or sketching out a piece of essay, students need to borrow and gather different pieces of evidence from varied sources, as these different pieces of information enrich and enhance the vantage points the writer lays onto the paper. Every writer buttresses their plot points with other sources of literature material, as this […]

How to Structure an Essay

The overall success of an essay is dependent on many factors. To achieve the best results and effectiveness in their essay, students and writers have to give careful consideration to each element, such as the writing style and tone used, organisation and structure of the essay. All elements have to work in a good cohesive […]

How To Shoot A Perfect College Selfie?

The memories you create at university will stay with you throughout your lifetime. However, sometimes you desire to share those memories with the ones around you. While photographs can fade, the material uploaded on your social media account does not. This is both a blessing and a curse. While the evidence of having a good […]

Getting Through the Final Year in College

Senior year is the phase of the university life where you will constantly be on edge. You would feel too pressurised by the workload and too young to be that stressed. The last two semesters of college are usually bittersweet, as you are excited to find out what the future has in store for you, […]

Is the United Kingdom The Best Place for Students?

When a student is progressing through their academic tenure, there are several questions, several matters and several doubts that start propping up in their headspace. Most students are unable to settle on any one particular option when it comes to choosing a university. This is because they are unsure of the quality of education being […]

How Does Traveling Help In Relaxing Your Mind?

If there was a word to replace the term traveling, it should be awe-inspiring since traveling is something that inspires you to new heights and helps you restore the lost peace. Unfortunately, during your academics, there are rare chances to travel to some destination showcasing natural beauty or the one that offers you the joy […]

Motivational Factors For Studying

There is no sane individual on Earth that enjoys the process of academic studies. Now you may question the existence of nerds present in your class but do you know that these intellectuals are interested in studies so that they are perceived better by the people around them? In simple words, these people find motivation […]