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7 Quick Steps to Clean Your Room

Oh no! You have guest comings over, and your room smells like a rotten fish, with your belongings all over the place. What will your guests think about this mess? Will they call you a slob that does not care about the surroundings? What if they pass on this information to others and add to this embarrassment?

Many similar thoughts can circle in your mind when you are suddenly informed about a guest’s arrival. Of course, you cannot explain to them your academic writing troubles or the professional obligations that keep you up at night. All you can do is stop panicking, ship your essay to a professional essay writing service, and clean your room as much as you can in the available timeframe.

There are numerous techniques to clean your room. You can either vacuum your room left, right, and centre or you can employ ingenious hacks to clean your room in minimal possible time. Considering the urgency, you should go for the latter approach.

So calm down, take a deep breath, and do the following:

Scan Your Room

First, you must observe your surroundings and detect the mess present around you. Next, you can split this mess into the following categories:

  • The plastic waste in the form of toothpaste tubes or bottles.
  • The books lying here and there in an unorganised manner.
  • The used utensils that never found their way back to the kitchen.
  • The accessories that can readily be located in bedroom corners or on the bed.

Other than these major categories, you can also spot poor organisation of other things in your bedroom. For example, unfolded clothes or the stationery spread on your study table, etc. Considering the time crunch, you need to prioritise cleaning activities and act accordingly. So, decide what distractions you need to get rid of first.

Take Care of the Major Mess

Once you have located your target, get on the cleaning spree immediately. Throw away the useless things in a trash bag and start hiding useful stuff. For example, you can throw away your plastic bottles and stack dirty utensils in the kitchen sink. Also, you can organise your textbooks and can hide them under your bed. All in all, you must think and improvise your cleaning strategies in the most efficient manner possible.

Make Your Bed

Since your bed occupies the most space in your bedroom, your guests are likely to see it first when they enter the room. Thus, you should make your bed and avoid imprinting any bad impressions on your guests. Throw on a clean sheet and comfortable pillows to give your bed a comfy vibe. Also, fold your blanket and place it in an organised manner. As a tip, you can use the dirty sheet to stack your clothes and hide them in the store or bathroom.

Put picture frames on your side table to enhance the outlook further. Also, if you read novels or poetry, you can consider placing those books on your side table, too.

Hide Your Personal Belongings

Everyone has certain belongings that are personal and are not meant to be shared with other people. It can either be a diary, a motivational CD or a stamp collection that you do not want others to see. So, you should hide all such stuff in a drawer where your guests cannot access it. In case your guests are extra nosy, you can lock this drawer and hide the key elsewhere, such as in your fridge or the vase.

Wipe Your Surfaces Clean

You should have gotten rid of major trash until this stage. Now, you can shift your focus on cleaning the debris or stains present on the floor and the furniture. So, grab a duster or better yet, a wet sock, to scrub the dirt off your room effectively. To cover every corner, you must start from one point and work your way around it in a clockwise direction.

Sweep Your Floor

Lastly, you should sweep your bedroom floor to get rid of any additional debris. For this purpose, just focus on the visible area of the floor, and there is no need to sweep dirt from under the carpet or bed.

Final Steps

Dump all the trash bags into the garbage can and spray an air freshener in your room to get rid of the pungent smell. If you have time, you can consider embellishing your room further with decorations, such as a flower vase or a painting.

Viola! Your room looks much better than before, and the credit goes to you. Pat yourself on the back for keeping up with the pressure. However, since the guests will not only scrutinise your room but will also gauge your appearance from head to toe, you should quickly get in the shower. Take a quick bath, put on your best suit, order some food, and get ready to entertain the guests with your company.

Have fun!

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