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6 Tech Predictions For the Future

Remember when the telephone was just a concept device in George Orwell’s 1984 and the World Wide Web was described as “consensual hallucination” in William Gibson’s Neuromancer?

Yeah well, both of those concepts are still relevant but the technological development in the last three decades has been impeccable, and inventions which were once considered breakthroughs soon became obsolete as better and more innovative replacements were provided rapidly.

However, researchers still think that we have a long way to go, and there is a lot of untapped potential in the tech industry that needs to be explored. Just like video calls which could once be seen only in futuristic science-fiction movies, many developments have been predicted for the post-digital era, most of which are in-process right now.

So let’s look at some of the ideas by cheap dissertation writing service that researchers and technicians are working on that could drastically change the course of operations in the world.


  1. Zero Intelligence

No, this word is not what it sounds like. Science is not aiming to reduce the overall human intelligence, despite what the conspiracy theories say. This particular concept has existed for a very long time and translates to how trillions of bytes of information can be stored in small storage devices like microchips.

Today you can fit a massive collection of data inside your pocket and researchers predict that there is more to come. When computer systems were first invented, they were big enough to fit inside huge rooms and eventually from desktop and laps, they shifted to your hands.

Futurist Brian David Johnson predicts that soon, computers would take up almost zero space (yes, not even your hand), hence the name zero intelligence. And he is not quite wrong. Today, some models are powered by just five atoms which are not even visible to the naked eye. We may be looking at the future where atomic transitions would take over chips.


  1. Space Exploration

So recently we have explored Mars and Moon, but apart from the Milky Way, millions of planets are waiting to be discovered. NASA is coming up with new strategies every day, and after sending SLS without any humans in 2017, they are planning to explore space more in 2021; this time with four human astronauts.

And who knows, we could land on the moon once again! With so much exploration of Mars, specifically, common folks are also interested in going, and it is predicted that in five years or so, tickets for these adventures would be sold by the agency and the cost of travelling to the outer world would be reduced.


  1. Neurohacking

This has so far been good news for the students of psychology because no longer would they have to face questions like ‘Can you read my mind?’ Scientists are now working on machines that can read human minds and decode information after reading the electric signals.

University of California, Berkley, has made significant progress in this research, and this could be used to treat the patients of dementia. For instance, if anyone faces trouble in communicating their memories due to lack of electrical signals, the devices would be able to hold thoughts for them until they can formulate their sentences.


  1. Youth

Millennials and Generation Z have lived through most of the developments, and social media platforms are now being used to express rebellion against systems. Many movements have started just because of technology, and there is little that can be done to limit such actions.

The economic recession is getting nearer every day, and the generation that knows how to use such advancements can pose a threat to the peace of the world if they take out their anger by manipulating these inventions. So experts are not wrong when they predict a strong future rebellion by the youth due to lack of opportunities.


  1. Hacktivism

Everyone connected through the Web is contributing to building an information network online, and this just means that the platform is getting more and more unsafe. For instance, social media caters to billions of identities and with that, it is not very difficult for hackers to build false personas and compromise with the information of the users. From Facebook to the FBI, all organisations have been subject to cybercrimes, and that really makes you wonder about the future of online data safety.


  1. Universal Translators

A story in the Old Testament Bible suggests that during one period, all the people spoke the same language, and since the comprehension factor increased, their society flourished. To mark the achievement, they decided to construct a huge monument so that it reached the heavens, but since arrogance and pride are discouraged in religion, God confused their language so none of them could communicate in the same tongue.

While the intention of researchers is probably not to create “unity,” the advancements are underway that could make communication between two individuals easier by automatically translating their languages. So for instance, if you are French and you want to talk to someone in Spanish, you can use your voice to automatically translate the words in French.

These are some of the advancements that we can expect in the years to come. Most of the futuristic plans mentioned above are already very close to the final stages so let’s see how far in time can we expect the world to become the set of Back to the Future feature film.

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