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5 Exciting Team Building Games To Develop Critical Thinking

As more teachers than students are well aware, enrolling in, or teaching, for that matter, an entire class of students, is not just about rote learning from a set number of books or even just about writing and submitting a number of essays in class. Students need to know a lot more about skills such as maintaining proper channels of interpersonal communication with others, understand how to work within a team and just how they should deal with any emergency situations should they arise.

All of these skills however, cannot be learnt merely from pursuing a dozen textbooks or research papers. Instead, it is important to find other ways that can help teach these all-important skills to students. The following activities, childish though they may seem, are actually some of the best ways through which students can learn about interpersonal communication, teamwork, staying engaged and connected within your work sphere.

Together, what students and teachers can do:

  • Build Something As A Team

It is easy enough to build a sandcastle, but a castle of straw? Or dried spaghetti and even marshmallows may sound more palatable but it is definitely going to be a lot harder to build up. This is where teamwork comes into play. As students, most of us know how we are going to perform a task on our own, but working with a team means all the other members each have their own individual ideas, both better and worse than yours. That is where students need to learn how to respectfully discuss, even discard each other’s ideas and build up a castle! The competition can come by judging which team can build the best castle, or build one the fastest.

  • Minefield

Nothing can be more fun than an obstacle course, even if it has just been designed in the classroom. What makes it more fun and a lot more useful is the idea of a number of teams playing the obstacle course against each other, with a single player, blindfold, following their team members’ instructions to clear the course. As students try and clear the course, they have nothing but teammates’ instructions to go on. That, perforce helps to create a feeling of trust between students also.

  • Zoom

Students playing this game stand around in a circle while teachers give each one of them a different picture of any object. The first student begins a story, incorporating their picture into their tale. The next student takes it up, incorporating their picture into the story. The task is to make a story that actually makes sense. The task helps students learn how to collaborate and communicate with each other.

  • 4-Way Tug Of War

Having a three or four-way tug of war is an excellent way of encouraging teams to work together. What is more, different teams can actually work together to defeat a common opponent before finally competing against each other. This teaches students sportsmanship, not to mention the invaluable lessons of collaborating with others to get their own work done.

  • Keep It Real

Working along a problem-based learning concept and having a team work on one each, of various different problems presents a more professional, real-life way for students to learn about different concepts that could be a part of their educational work. By allowing students to communicate together, it also enhances communication skills of individual team members.

Teaming up however, requires a lot of hard work from each team member. Why not get Custom Essays Writer to help you with work while you learn different, useful skills from your team members?

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