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How We Came To Be?

The foundation for our esteemed student resource was laid back almost a decade ago, when a guild of fresh graduates came together in order to form a world class writing services that could aid students in delivering high standards of work so that they too can excel in the academia. With a business oriented mind-set, this assortment of young individuals joined with each other so that their combined skills and expertise to cater to the maximum variety of demands from the students. Today we stand proudly as we have the strength to offer multiple professional writers that can cater to their specialised field of study with ease. Hence Custom Essay Writer can provide you with specialised assistance for all of your subjects and topics without much effort.

Over the passage of time, our team as well as our skills have grown strong in several fields of study that are offered across various educational institutions of the U.K. We deliver an array of specialised services for every subject offered in educational institutions across the U.K, for students ranging from pre-graduates, graduates, post-graduates, diplomas and doctorates.

Our Beliefs & Viewpoints

Over the years of our operations and continuous services for students in UK, we have observed quite a predicament that makes things more than bearable for our customers. Ever since the last decade there has been a growing body of evidence which suggest that the number of foreign students has increased exponentially. More and more students across boarders are venturing into UK to make waves for higher education. This means that many of them are non-native English speaker and due to this they face troubles regarding writing wordy and lengthy paperwork for their academia.

This is where Custom Essay Writer pitches in and saves the day. We operate and provide relentless support to our valued customers backed by our subsequent dogmas:

  • We believe in equal opportunity for all students. Hence foreign students should be provided with a relentless resource to help guide them against the competitive write-ups by native-English speakers, so they too can earn better grades.
  • Many a time the time limitations like deadlines and due dates can be unrealistic. A student normally studies multiple courses in an institution. Unfortunately the writing task assigned to them doesn’t take that into account, and we often find students plagued by lack of available time to writer and submit their completed tasks before due dates or meet their designated deadlines. We offer them a reliable resource to accomplish more tasks with proper time management.
  • Mostly all written tasks require a compressive, all-inclusive, and thorough research on the given topic or subject. On the other majority of the students are unable to perform the research due to minimal or no access to authentic reading material where they can conduct their investigations from. We, on the other hand, have access to the latest and updated journals, track records and findings as we have the access for multiple online databases, which helps us in conducting relevant research in no time.
  • Lastly countless students also undergo a series of depression and anxiety phases when they are asked to deliver a drawn-out and prolonged paperwork. This overbearing task often leads to the fear of failure and other phobic related issues that can hamper ones learning process. Our writing service takes care of your burdens and lets you have the upper hand in dealing with such situations

Our Squad Line-Up

The major staff force working at Custom Essays Writer is primarily segregated into four prominent sub-divisions, with each having their fair share of input in delivering outstanding writing services for students across UK.

Customer Representatives:

Our support staff comprises of educated and well-versed representatives that provide diligent assistance to our customers without any breaks. Our customer representatives are available round the clock to provide you with 24/7 assistance for all your queries regarding our services. You can talk to them directly on the phone or have a friendly discussion through the live chat feature and query submission form available on our website.

Writing Unit:

Our writing unit comprises of acclaimed, professional, experienced and qualified writers. All of our writers are native-English speakers having masterful command over written English. We offer your specialised assistance from those writers which have the respective qualification and expertise to deliver high quality of work on time for your subjects and topics. Our writers have never failed to deliver quality work on time and even for stringent deadlines we have never compromised the quality of our work.

Editors’ Wing:

Before your work gets emailed to your designated email address provided to you by our legal department, your entire document passes through the scrutinizing eyes of our editors and proof-readers. They are professionals in what they do and go through your entire work removing all grammatical, punctuation, sentence structure, spelling, and syntax errors. They also re-check your work plagiarism and attach a detection report from a state-of-the-art software to ensure you of the originality of our efforts.

How It Works?

Ordering your paperwork from Custom Essays Writer is fairly simple. All you need to do is simply follow these steps:

  • Provide us with your details and instructions regarding your order including: subject/topic, word count, deadline, standard type, etc.
  • We assign a dedicated writer for your task who is able to provide you with specialised assistance as per your field of study.
  • Our editor and proof-readers make your work perfect and remove all plagiarised work.
  • The order is emailed to you at your designated address and notifications are sent to your personal devices.
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